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Kenyon Family

" My husband and I have been the proud owner of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner since 1999. We thought we had the top of the line in vacuum cleaners. We were dead wrong! "


Burnside Family

" Geoff turned on this Big Power and a half hour later our Daughter was breathing better and her cough was gone... Our son doesn't cough at night anymore and hasn't used his inhalers since our purchace. "


Burton Turner

" Thanks for the Big Power and the clean air I am greatly improved. The Big Power is the greatest investment... "

M. Donovan
Palm Harbor
Our nine-year old son has horrific dust and mold allergies. For the first time in five years, he has not had to take Claritin-D. And that was since the first day of running the Big Power. As if that was not enough, my skin is completely clear of eczema for the first time in my life just by using Big Power’s Dead Sea salts.
Mellissa Fogg

We’ve noticed a completely different overall feeling in our home. It just feels cleaner. The kids don’t seem to have the sniffles anymore and the house looks great.

D. Belka
We love the way the house feels and smells. It’s just great how our house feels when you first come home and have left it running for the day. We’ve Notice a massive difference in the carpeting. I was a little hesitant because we were renting but we were amazed at the difference it made so far in the way the house smells. Also the cats aren’t making my allergies act up and I haven’t needed shots since I owned.
T. Esposito
St. Petersburg
I don’t have to dust anywhere nearly as often. Within a week I was able to take my son almost completely off of Claritin. My Daughter doesn’t cough at night any more and the dog hair isn’t as much as a problem. I’ve also noticed a considerable amount of time saved when it comes to cleaning.
Patty C.
St. Petersburg
I thought my house was clean. I can’t believe what I got out the first month of having my Big Power My friends even noticed it and they ended up getting one too.
Jeff M.
Tarpon Springs
My allergies haven’t bothered me since the day that we got it. Not to mention the fact that we don’t have to dust but maybe once every 3 or four weeks. I’m thrilled with this machine.
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