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The appliance is warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of two year from the date of purchase. This is based on the date stated on the invoice. For this reason, keep the invoice or the receipt.


  1. Mishandling, improper use or use not indicated in the manual.
  2. Wear of breakage of electric cable or constitutive elements, if caused by misuse of BIG POWER.
  3. Damage brought about by incorrect transportation, impacts or accidental falls.
  4. In the case of tampering or if a part of the appliance is dissembled without explicit authorization.
  5. Repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel or with non-original spare parts.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I run my Big Power all day? It is not necessary to run the Big Power all day. The air exchange occurs in an average size home 20 minutes to 1 hour. The real advantage is to eliminate the pollution at the source and properly ionize the air. With longer use of the air cleaning you may need to add water over time.
What does it cost to have my Big Power looked at? We recommend a FREE 6 point check on your Big Power annually. The 6 point check consists of filter maintenance checking motor efficiency and the mechanical parts to the power nozzle attachment for the carpet.
Why is Big Power better than anything else in my home and for my family? When Big Power is utilized in any manner or action in a building it enhances the overall well-being of that environment for humanity. In turn it creates the environment necessary to promote health.
How often do I change the water.

Depends on the use. Air Purification does not require a water exchange. Water is the primary filter when cleaning. Water has the ability to trap most filth, however when the water reaches a concentration of more filth then water, it must be changed. If the Foam filter is getting dirty, the water must be changed more often. To prevent the safety filters from having to work harder. Thus making the secondary and third filters last longer.

How often do I need to change my filters?

The inside Micro "Pure" filter should be changed if any accumulation appears on the outside surface that restricts air flow.

The foam filter should be washed in "tepid" water and liquid dish soap, any time the filter should become discolored.

How do I clean the water bucket? Put towel on floor, take baffle assembly out of bucket, set on towel, dump water bucket down toilet, rinse with bathtub water, dispose of down toilet, put upside down on towel to dry. Get paper towel, wipe down each piece of baffle assembly, toss paper towel in garbage, rinse if necessary, store on towel to dry.
What is the proper way to store my Big Power? Ideal storage: Big Power motor head in closet with filters removed. Never store motor head on bucket assembly.
Where do I go for service on my Big Power? Contact your local distribution center or e-mail us for the information.
I have questions that are not answered here. No problem! You can call your nearest Big Power office or e-mail us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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