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Breathing Problems

Breathing is a every day part of life, and most people don't realize how important it is. Having optimal health is impossible without having optimal breathing. When a person is in their mid 20's they reach their peak respiratory function and lung capacity, after that people will lose between 10 percent to 27 percent, of their respiratory function and lung capacity, for every decade of their life. If something is not done to maintain or improve your breathing capacity it will decline, with it your general health, and possibly your life expectancy. Heart attacks, cancer, stroke, asthma, and almost every other known disease is worsened or improved by how well you can breathe.

People need to address several factors, at the same time, such as breathing patterns, environment, diet, and physical exercise. One of the easiest ways to improve your health and life expectancy is to improve the air quality in your environment.

This is what the United States Patent says about traditional vacuum cleaners "Among these, it is mentioned that a careful cleaning of the treated surface does not seem possible but above all, that the air still partially dirty once sucked, is again let in the environment, transporting a large quantity of dust that for a certain time remains in suspension. This occurs because of the apparatus structure, which even if providing for the dust removal, cannot retain it completely in the traditional sachets-filter. This fact can also not be a particular worry for the healthy people, as they do not feel immediate benefits from a more careful cleaning, differently from the people who suffer allergy. At this purpose, it is scientifically proved that the household or the work environment, may be particularly favorable to the rising of allergic symptoms."

According to the United States Patent, this is how the BIG POWER® has taken care of the problem of dust etc, being placed back in the air "cleaner having, at the same time an air cleaner function for the hygienizing of the environments,"

"This stage, proceeds substantially to the washing of the inlet air, making precipitate only the thickest dirt, allowing the air, only partly cleaned, to proceed toward a second filtration phase, intermediate, including a sponge filter or the like. In this case, the dirt retained is the one having a mean thickness, and which seems, in the totality, present in greater measure. This does not appear at all as a problem because the filter itself, like the filter-water, is easily removable for being subjected to a simple washing, and therefore being let in again. Additionally, it is found that one purpose of the intermediate air filtration stage, made up of the sponge, is also that of retaining the type of macrodust not eliminated by the passing in water, as the extremely volatile products (E.g. polystyrene, ashes, and so on).

Finally, the known third stage. This, placed at the end of the suction cycle and near to the rotor, allows the final cleaning of the air that transports the residual dirt, consisting of extremely small particles; form which the terminology used to identify it derives, microfilter or absolute filter."


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