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The Big Power® Story

In the mid 80's there was a devastating drought in Europe. The air pollution became so acute that many people suffered from health and breathing issues. In Italy, the government rationed the use of automobiles to reduce air pollution. If your car license was an even number you could drive on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If your car license was an odd number you could drive on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

At the same time Mrs. Lorella Pietrobon was hospitalized for acute breathing difficulty associated with asthma. Her husband, Silvano Pietrobon, found himself taking care of the family home, and he became aware of the unhealthy condition created in all homes when trying to clean and maintain them. Then considering the breathing problems of his wife, he began a mission to solve the problem of our indoor air environment. Thus began the development of a profound world project.

After a few weeks of auto-use rationing, the rains came and cleaned the outdoor air sufficiently enough to stop rationing. Silvano thought, " If nature can fix a huge pollution problem of the outside environment by using water, why not harness this action and replicate it in our indoor environment?"

Several years went into the initial developement of the Big Power®. In the late 80's the first prototypes were tested. The inventor was excited to shared his new invention with a friend. This friend said "Silvano, you're too late they already invented this machine. It's called a "Rainbow".

He was so thrilled at the idea of providing his family and other families with a wonderful gift of health and well-being he found the manufacturer of "Rainbow" and called them to find out how he could get one. Rexair, the manufacturer of the Rainbow, said they had a distributor for this product in Italy. He met with the distributor and started sharing the "Rainbow" with his own family and friends.

Silvano Pietrobon, the inventer of the Big Power®, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked as a researcher for many years. He realized early on in his "Rainbow" career that the machine does not provide all it promises. He brought these flaws to the attention of the distributor, but was sent away. So he went back to the drawing board with his ambitious goals.

By 1992 he was ready to market his idea. He first tried to share the innovations with the manufacturer of the Rainbow, but Rexair wasn't interested. He then went to a trade show in Germany, where he partnered with his first direct marketing collaborator, Mr. Gunther Brandl.

The concept of this invention is to first and foremost get people to discover a machine that enhances the home environment with every function. Whatever task is at hand, the Big Power®, delivers clean, ionized, dust and germ free air. All within the dynamic concept of maintaining air and water movement throughout the machine. In other words it never looses the abilty to clean. It is 100% efficient 100% of the time. Its efficiency has also been tested and certified at the University of Pisa by Professor Baggiani (December 29, 1999). Professor Baggiani states that the Big Power®, works like a lung, it inspires pollution and exhales purity.

In September 1999, Big Power's CEO and inventor, Silvano Pietrobon, was made a Knight of the order of St. John for his contributions to humanity in the invention and creation of the Big Power®.

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