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Air Wash-Purification
By flipping a switch Big Power® ionizes the air like mother nature after a hard rain and provides dust free air in your home. Big Power® elimates pollution while releasing ions into the air converting stale air to fresh as mountain air. The Big Power® has 4 filters. The first is an electrostatic filter. Which is a fancy way of saying static electricity. The easiest one is to blow up a balloon, rub it on your head, and watch the dust go to it. The same charge happens as the air passes through the Big Power® between the water bucket and baffle assembly. The next filter is the water. Both the water and the electrostatic filter trap virtually all the filth. To ensure the cleanest air possible we have two secondary filters. The washable ring protects the micron filter. The micron filter guarantees the cleanest air possible through your Big Power®, into your home. If we were to take the air and run it though the micron filter first, it would clog up and need to be replaced once a month like most air purifiers. Because the water and the electrostatic filter clean the air first, the micron filter only cleans, clean air.
Using the Big Power® traps odors in the water, additives send odor control into the air.
Dead Sea Salt Seatherapy
Improves oxygenation of the skin through perspiration. Promotes elimination of toxic elements in the body. Dead Sea Salts have the highest medicinal properties of any salt throughout the world. The reason for this is the Dead Sea is located in a dry climate producing rapid evaporation and the highest content of minerals including anti-allergens for the skin and promotes healing. It is also known to soothe and relax the nervous system. Because of the mineral properties Dead Sea Salts are very effective for acne, psoriasis and eczema.
Replaces harmful aerosol perfumes and stick-ups with balsamic based germ killing agent.
Medication for the air without high levels of moisture.

Do you use things like candles, incense or plug-ins? The reason we use these things in our homes is to eliminate"house-a-tossis". That's what we call the pet odors, the cooking odors, and the people odors. They are all designed to cover up the odors rather than eliminate them. With Big Power® all fragrances nonallergenic and balsamic based.

Another wonderful feature of Big Power® fragrances is they have methoxy dypropylene glycol which is a substance used in hospitals and doctors offices to help kill germs and bacteria. It won't eliminate colds or flues. However, it will reduce the ability to spread the family sick cycle right here in your home.

Have you ever used a vaporizer or humidifier? They are designed to use a tremendous amount of steam to put the medicine in the air. The Big Power® puts the medicine in the air without all of the moisture and allows us to get a good night sleep. Which is ideal when we have a cold or flu.
How would you like to not get sick in the first place? By adding VIRKON or HAMINCLOR into the water you can completly kill or incapsolate virtualy all virouses that come in contact with the water. The BIG POWER is used by European hospitals in sensitive areas such as O.Rs, prenatal, and laboratory clean rooms. For the first time you now can protect your home with this same advanced technology previously only available in hospitals. WOW!!!

If breathing clean safe, sanitized air is a concern for you. then you need a BIG POWER®!


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